Happy Little Flame

"As with many handmade companies, Happy Little Flame was born in our kitchen. We love burning candles in our home, so our goal was to create a cleaner, healthier option after discovering how toxic regular candles can be. That’s why we source out the cleanest ingredients for our products to ensure they are non-toxic and free of things like dyes, additives, stabilizers, and phthalates."

~Bex from Happy Little Flame

Honey with Style


Sweet Cyndees Bees

"I had been fascinated with bees from my early childhood, watching them forage for nectar amongst the wildflowers.


My wife Cyndee and I keep some hives on our property in northern Illinois.  As current President of the Lake County Beekeepers Association, I started "The NewBeez " a series of programs & training to help new Beekeepers become better stewards of our wonderful, industrious, hardworking, and fascinating honeybees.


We work with selected local beekeepers to provide the best, most delicious honey from hives located in Lake County Illinois and southern Wisconsin to provide you with our wonderful Honey and our delicious Creme Honey, Try a new flavor today!"

~ Frank from Honey with Style