Why Salt???

In the short 5 months that we have been open one question I am constantly asked is "why did you open a salt cave?" There are soo many reasons that I would end up writing a huge blog and nobody would read thru it. So here it is short and sweet why did I? Because stress will kill all of us. One step into our amazing salt cave and you won't want to come out. Invest an hour in your health and you will know #peace #saltlife #wellness #restore #release #health #chicagobears #chicagocubs #yoga #meditation


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Did You Ever Wonder...?

Are there benefits to the Himalayan Salt Cave...? And.... Why the Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs...? We're so glad you asked! The salt infused air within the cave..... *Boosts immunity *Decreases anxiety

"First Feel"

Your first salt cave session will be a memorable one! The beauty of the himalayan salt, zen lighting, 2 water cascades and the breathtaking ceiling will bring a sense of calmness just by entering tha

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