Why Hot Salt Balls??

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Not only are these beauties gorgeous to look at.. not only do they make a great nightlight or centerpiece.. not only do they add ambiance, dare I even say -- romance -- to your room of choice.. but they are actually functional on several levels!

How do I use this??

"..when placed in the bowl under a 25-watt bulb, the Himalayan salt balls are warmed up perfect enough for at home massage therapy. ..Simply grab a massage ball after it has been warmed up and roll over parts of neck or shoulders. This could be done while watching TV or reading a book and you will slowly notice the ease of tense muscles. For foot pain- keep two balls on floor and roll with your feet. Helps relax feet for those who don't have time for a foot soak. For Back- after the Himalayan Massage balls have warmed up, have a partner add a few drops of massage oil and roll over back. Himalayan salt also exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth while helping release tense muscle pain.."

What else does it do??

In addition to acting as a relaxing, therapeutic massage roller, the salt "Pulls in particles. These lamps are said to attract allergens, toxins, and pollutants to their surface.

They are also said to release negative ions. People believe that negative ions in the air have health benefits. Some say they feel more refreshed and clear-headed after a storm, a feeling they believe is due to the amount of negative ions in the air. Commercial ionizers and purification systems also produce negatively charged ions to create cleaner and more comfortable indoor spaces. Ions are all around us. Ions are molecules that have undergone a change in charge. Negative ions have gained an electron. Positive ions have lost one." (~WebMd)

How do I clean this, you ask??

"Salt is Anti-bacterial. No extensive cleaning necessary. Use non-toxic cleaners if very oily, otherwise, simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Do not rinse under water- Salt will disintegrate."

So, Why Hot Salt Balls??

Well, as fun as it is to say it .. *giggle* .. because they are multi-dimensional and therapeutic, as well as simply gorgeous! Nature's wonder!

We have these beauties available in our online retail store, (simply click this link >>, as well as in our physical, in-person retail store at 850 S. Milwaukee Ave (Libertyville, IL 60048)



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