"First Feel"

Your first salt cave session will be a memorable one! The beauty of the himalayan salt, zen lighting, 2 water cascades and the breathtaking ceiling will bring a sense of calmness just by entering that is hard to forget. Relax and let go in our zero gravity chairs while listening to calming music. Snoring is optional but not suggested! Hard to believe that something so beautiful and easy to do can be soo beneficial #zenden #PTSD #health #anxiety #chicagobears #chicagoblackhawks #athleticrecovery #wellness


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Did You Ever Wonder...?

Are there benefits to the Himalayan Salt Cave...? And.... Why the Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs...? We're so glad you asked! The salt infused air within the cave..... *Boosts immunity *Decreases anxiety

Salty Sisters Speak

Sometimes you just have to say why not! My sister and I did and opened up Lake County's first himalayan salt cave and spa in Libertyville. Post workout, destress, boost immunity, allergies or just a

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