Did You Ever Wonder...?

Are there benefits to the Himalayan Salt Cave...?


Why the Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs...?

We're so glad you asked!

The salt infused air within the cave.....

*Boosts immunity

*Decreases anxiety

*Aids respiratory function

*Helps with sinus and allergy issues

*Promotes healthy skin

Our Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs have benefits, too!

Reclining in them...

*Takes pressure off the heart

*Increases lung capacity

*Decreases lower back and neck pain

*Promotes better circulation throughout the body

*Encourages relaxation

*Releases tension

Oh, and did we mention that it's also a great place to connect with and relax with family, friends or colleagues?! Our Himalayan Salt Cave can easily accommodate up to 10 people while continuing to follow the recommended 6 foot social distance guidelines. ! We hope to see you soon!


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